Rain in WA: Need more ways out!

The recent floods here in the state of Washington demonstrate how important capable vehicles and multiple routes are for evacuation planning. Although my immediate area didn't have any washouts or water covering the road (nothing so bad my Escort couldn't cross during my commute, at least), every sane route to any of my target locations was blocked or closed. In an economic collapse, if I were to double up with family, I'd probably end up in Portland. Couldn't do it today or yesterday, though: 20 miles of I-5 is closed, and the only route around is via Yakima - a 300 mile detour.

In a more significant event (nuke exchange, terrorist attacks, etc), I'm heading north to a friend's house or south to central Oregon. Guess what? My friend's town up north is almost completely inaccessible. One way in and out, and it's ugly. Going south, I have similar issues to going to Portland.

The moral of the story is that even three routes may be insufficient. I'm not a super-survivalist; better than the 95% of sheep out there, to be sure, but I'm just not there on a lot of my logistics and planning. I'd like to think that the odds of there being a natural disaster (not that this was quite a disaster, but you know what I mean) and a man-made TEOTWAWKI at the same time are pretty slim, but you know Mr. Murphy.

The recent article about Western Washington as a retreat locale posted on SurvivalBlog is pretty much dead on.

Stuff to do:
- Get Jeep running / safe / reliable. ($$$/time)
- Get water storage up to par. ($/time)
- Get wife's emergency kit together. ($/time)
- Plan more routes out, get copies to wife's kit (time).


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