It's sad, really...

... that I've only been able to make three posts so far this quarter. Still, summer is in sight! I received my Calc III grade already - 3.7, which isn't bad considering the instructor. I have my stats final tonight. I think it'll be OK, at least the questions covering material from the beginning of the course. I skipped a lot of class in the last four chapters, so I'm a bit shaky there.

I haven't received word on how I did on my Statistics project yet... I don't think it will be very good, but as long as I do OK on the final, I should be able to get a grade in the 80s without too much problem.

I just received word that one of my best friends paid for my membership to the EAA. Now I get to fly ultralights and PPCs legally. I still need my lessons, though.

Emergency welding using car batteries - I saw MacGyver do it, but here's how to do it for real.
SSKM's Knife Sharpening Guide - Great guide on sharpening your blades.


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