The last time I posted Bush was president.


DIY Ballistic Glass

via Hack-A-Day: A guy made his own ballistic glass. No test results available, but it seems like it should work.

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Quote of the Day from JWR

This was the quote of the day on survivalblog.com today. Sounds like my life. :P

"If we run into such debts, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen hours in the twenty-four, give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses; and the sixteenth being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they now do, on oatmeal and potatoes; have no time to think, no means of calling the mismanagers to account; but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers." - Thomas Jefferson

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Washington State Open Carry

Two months without a post again, yuck. I haven't been inactive, through. I've been writing a story in Patriot Fiction over at Frugal's that's been met with some approval. Still plugging along on getting the cars running correctly and working two jobs (I'm approaching 70 hours a week)!

I found an informative site today: http://www.washingtonceasefire.net. They have all kinds of good info, but the most interesting were the tidbits of info about Washington's open carry law. Check it out here: http://www.washingtonceasefire.net/content/category/5/24/32/

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Overheard in a livingroom...

I'm surfing through the cable channels since I don't have cable at home anymore. The kid I'm watching sees a listing.

Kid: Is Larry King the same as Larry the Cable Guy?

Me: No. They're not at all the same.

Kid: Well they both have Larry in their names.


Well dip me in peanut butter and call me mouse bait!

I just realized that I actually had some comments on a couple of my posts! Thanks for reading, folks.


WA state caucus

I went to my first caucus on Saturday at one of the local high schools. It was packed. I ended up becoming a delegate by default since there were only three people from my precinct and three spots available.

Out of the seven people at my table (two precincts represented), there were two Ron Pauls, two Huckabees, a Romney, a McCain, and an undecided. That falls roughly with the official results as reported this morning by the Seattle P-I. They're reporting a McCain win, with Huckabee two percent behind him, and Ron Paul three percent behind him. Only 87% of the precincts have been counted yet, so I believe there's still enough sway that anyone could take it.

On a personal note, as of today it looks like I'll be working three jobs - My IT job, babysitting a kid for a few hours a night, and delivering pizza again. We need the $$$, but that's a lot of work. At least the cars are running.

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A Point to Ponder

Found this in the archives over at Possum Living, one of my new favorite blogs.

A Point to Ponder

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