It's sad, really...

... that I've only been able to make three posts so far this quarter. Still, summer is in sight! I received my Calc III grade already - 3.7, which isn't bad considering the instructor. I have my stats final tonight. I think it'll be OK, at least the questions covering material from the beginning of the course. I skipped a lot of class in the last four chapters, so I'm a bit shaky there.

I haven't received word on how I did on my Statistics project yet... I don't think it will be very good, but as long as I do OK on the final, I should be able to get a grade in the 80s without too much problem.

I just received word that one of my best friends paid for my membership to the EAA. Now I get to fly ultralights and PPCs legally. I still need my lessons, though.

Emergency welding using car batteries - I saw MacGyver do it, but here's how to do it for real.
SSKM's Knife Sharpening Guide - Great guide on sharpening your blades.


SUSE 10.1 Experiences so far.

I'm liking SUSE 10.1, it seems to be fairly straight-forward. I did have to jump through some hoops to get the sound card on my sandbox PC to work, and the updater seems to be a bit rougher than in SUSE 9 and SUSE 10, but evolution worked great with my company's exchange server first shot.

If everything works well with my tests, I'll probably reinstall Windows on the sandbox and put SUSE on my main machine. Hopefully vmware player will install pretty easily so I can get at the windows apps that I need to run.

In other news, I'm almost done this quarter's classes. I have some "gimme" online classes this summer, so hopefully I'll have a bit of free time. Hopefully. I'd like to get some more stuff done on the emergency computing front. Seattle Wireless is having their 2006 Field Day in August, and I'd like to hit that up, too.

I'm also taking flying lessons this summer, so maybe I won't have as much free time as I thought... I guess a busy life is better than a dull life, but I still miss the days when I wasn't under pressure to get stuff done all the time. Sleep is mighty inviting...