Post-SHTF Transport?

Pedal Powered Buick

Just kidding!


Merry Christmas, bad guy!

Here's your typical leftward-leaning media for you. This incident happened quite close to my AO.

Homeowner used own gun to kill Kent man

A Kent man who shot and killed a suspected intruder inside his home Saturday was armed with his own handgun when he walked in the door and found the stranger inside his home, police said.

A man and woman came home to their condo on Kent's East Hill at 6 p.m. Saturday to find another man inside. The 28-year-old homeowner used his own gun to shoot the suspected intruder, said Kent police spokesman Paul Petersen.

It's unknown why the homeowner had a handgun, Petersen said.

Police aren't releasing the homeowners' names. The dead man, believed in his mid-20s, has not been identified.

Neighbors reported four to five gunshots, but there were no witnesses other than the homeowners, Petersen said.

After the man was shot, he ran through a broken sliding-glass door and died in the backyard. He was carrying a bag that contained some stolen property from the couple's home, Petersen said.

Between you and me, this guy is a hero, he should be getting a medal, but did you notice how non-committal the PD guys were? Fine, I can understand not commenting on something that could turn into a legal battle, but did you notice this comment by the author?

It's unknown why the homeowner had a handgun, Petersen said.

Why does he need a reason? This is America darn it, and people should be able to protect themselves and their family without trying to justify "why [they] had a handgun."

Congratulations, Mr. Homeowner. I hope that the system doesn't rake you over the coals too much for doing what's right.


Good argument for the grey man approach.

They've opened I-5, but only for commercial vehicles.

A plain white pickup or van with "Bob's Plumbing" and a fake phone number on the side would be able to get past now. Your lifted super-Jeep probably wouldn't. Just a thought.

The case for only cops having guns...

is certainly weaker anytime you see something like this. I don't recall seeing anything about it when it happened, but it's certainly interesting.

The gunman was identified as 20-year-old Tyler Peterson. Local Police Chief John Dennee said that Peterson worked full time for the Forest County Sheriff's Office and part time as a Crandon police officer. He was not on duty at the time of the massacre. Preliminary reports indicate that Peterson launched his attack after an argument with his 17-year-old girlfriend.

I dunno... 20 year old cop shoots jailbait girlfriend and a bunch of friends. There is the paragon of virtue the anti-gunners want to be the only ones with guns. Makes lots of sense.


Rain in WA: Need more ways out!

The recent floods here in the state of Washington demonstrate how important capable vehicles and multiple routes are for evacuation planning. Although my immediate area didn't have any washouts or water covering the road (nothing so bad my Escort couldn't cross during my commute, at least), every sane route to any of my target locations was blocked or closed. In an economic collapse, if I were to double up with family, I'd probably end up in Portland. Couldn't do it today or yesterday, though: 20 miles of I-5 is closed, and the only route around is via Yakima - a 300 mile detour.

In a more significant event (nuke exchange, terrorist attacks, etc), I'm heading north to a friend's house or south to central Oregon. Guess what? My friend's town up north is almost completely inaccessible. One way in and out, and it's ugly. Going south, I have similar issues to going to Portland.

The moral of the story is that even three routes may be insufficient. I'm not a super-survivalist; better than the 95% of sheep out there, to be sure, but I'm just not there on a lot of my logistics and planning. I'd like to think that the odds of there being a natural disaster (not that this was quite a disaster, but you know what I mean) and a man-made TEOTWAWKI at the same time are pretty slim, but you know Mr. Murphy.

The recent article about Western Washington as a retreat locale posted on SurvivalBlog is pretty much dead on.

Stuff to do:
- Get Jeep running / safe / reliable. ($$$/time)
- Get water storage up to par. ($/time)
- Get wife's emergency kit together. ($/time)
- Plan more routes out, get copies to wife's kit (time).