Going Home

Well, at the end of this month I'll be returning to Pennsylvania for the first time since my wife and I caravanned to her parents' house in Oregon in 2003. It's a working trip, but I managed to sneak in some vacation time and I'm flying the family out with me. It'll be the first time either of my kids will meet my dad. Although not 100% accurate, the easiest way to explain why the boy never saw my dad was that there was something of a family feud going on at the time.

I'm getting into the scary part of Calc II, where I start getting shaky. Volumes cause me some grief. The ones rotated about an axis aren't too bad, but I have some trouble with the solids of known cross-section. I'm coasting through the rest of my logic class. There are no more assignments due. As long as I get a 183/200 on the final, I'll have a 4.0. I'll get a 3.7 with a 150-something.

On to some more interesting stuff (for you at least):

Adding a standard 3.5" HDD to a laptop (w/o USB or 1394): Not exactly an earth shattering mod, but useful if you want to put together a small system out of a laptop motherboard or something along those lines.

This looks like fun: Railbiking. I'm not sure how great a bugout tool this would be, but it probably beats using roads (assuming the rail system is out of order).

Seattle Wireless: The old standard for wireless infrastructure info.


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