The Greatest Risk

It may seem that I link a lot to content by Steve Roberts. I generally try not to draw too heavily on any one source. In fact, I was making a conscious effort not to post any of his material for a while. Unfortunately, as soon as you make a decision like that, you run into something you've never seen before. I won't post it in its entirety out of respect for Mr. Roberts, but here is the link and a brief excerpt:

The Greatest Risk

© 1988 by Steven K. Roberts
Nomadic Research Labs

(An excerpt from Computing Across America, 1988)

Everyone has at one time or another shrunk from a growth opportunity because with it comes the Unknown. The Unknown! What’s out there, anyway?

Disappointment? Derision? Danger? Defeat? Death?

Those are all bad, certainly, but none of them are nearly as bad as nothing. None of those things can possibly be worse than the horror or Complacency that creeps like a psychic tapeworm into the mind, demanding a steady diet of the bland to let it propagate and infect those nearby. It’s insidious, evil, and epidemic in America. It slithers out of TV sets; it crawls from the pages of popular media. It hides in classrooms and slips unnoticed into vulnerable young brains.
To be frank, complacency has been kicking my butt. I'm starting to dig my way out, however. Deciding to go back to college wasn't as much financial as I made it out to be. Granted, watching MacGyver on DVD had something to do with it, but in reality I just wanted to finish something I should have finished in the first place. I'm also now a Cubmaster in charge of six cubs. I was in scouts for six months as a kid, now I'm in charge of three tigers, two wolves, and a bear! No pressure, now =).

There's much more to read at Steve Roberts' site - go there and check it out. The "Miles With Maggie" series is a good read, as well.


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