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I tend to be a bit cynical when it comes to anything political these days, but hearing that Alito made the USSC made me smile. If the anti's refer to someone as "Machinegun Sammy", he can't be all bad.

James Rawles has a good post on SurvivalBlog today (if you're reading this later, check his archives) covering the Biblical case for preparedness. He addresses a number of the usual arguments in his typical clear, straightforward, and logical manner. Definately a good read.

Here's a good article I found linked to on AssaultWeb. I agree with one of the commenters on one thing; #7 conflicts with #2 and #8. I'd suggest making sure that any weapons that were used against you are out of reach of the bad guy, and that you make sure that several people (including non-cops, if possible), see them.

On a personal note, I'm doing well in both my classes. However, I just received the class schedule for next quarter, and it's garbage! There's only one class I can take that is directly usable for my degree (Calc III), and one that's useful, but not exactly the direction I want to go (Finite Math for Business and Social Science). I'll be taking them both since I have to stay full time, but I'm not happy about it. Their online classes are a joke, too. It seems like all this college is interested in doing is helping people in their fluff degrees, not real degrees like Math or Engineering. I was assured before I started with them that I wouldn't have any problems completing the degree doing nights/weekends/online/flex classes.

I have a couple articles floating around in the back of my head to write up, mostly to do with utilizing technology inexpensively. There's tons of cool technology out there today: MP3 players, Digital Video Recorders, wireless video cameras, digital cameras, laptops, PDAs, EVDO, wireless cards, etc. Several of those are bleeding edge technologies that are sure to break the budget. However, there are options for obtaining and utilizing this stuff on the cheap. This will (hopefully) tie in with my Emergency Computing theme.


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