Welcome friends and such to my blog. Like most new blogs, my blog will likely be lame for a while until I get into the groove. Let's start with a couple links:

Frugal Squirrels member FerFAL is living in the economically depressed and otherwise challenging nation of Argentina. I suspect that if the dollar fails (which it eventually will, being a fiat currency), the United States will be in similar shape. http://www.buildanark.net/survival_stories.html

hackaday has an article running on using a compact flash drive in a laptop. While this isn't exactly groundbreaking, it is useful for high reliability and low power computing. Coupled with a small linux distro such as Slax or DSL, you have a general purpose computing machine that is pretty close to indestructable. If you have an older system that is passively cooled, then you have no moving parts.

Given the political climate of the past 17 years (and, skipping the Reagan era, decades before that), we really need to make a change. I would like to encourage you, from now on, to vote your conscience, not "lesser of two evils". Although there are many good Republicans (and even a few good Democrats), the time has come for people to start voting for the right person for a smaller government, in all respects. I'd like to challenge you to look at the Libertarian party and Constitution party. Although I have some differences with the Libertarians, they are much, much, better than the Democrats or Republicans.

Until next time: Be smart. Be prepared.


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