Steve Roberts' Microship and Shacktopus projects

I've been following Steve Roberts' work on again/off again for a couple years now. Some of his previous projects are the Winnebiko and BEHEMOTH recumbent bicycles. He was on the cutting edge of the information revolution in the '90s (Edit: should be '80s) when he traveled the country talking to hams, typing articles on his Tandy 100 using a custom chorded keyboard, and uploading them to CompuServe.

Lately, he's been working on making small watercraft (microships) with fully integrated radios to allow him to cut the cord and live independently of physical location. To further this goal, he's developing the Shacktopus, a system that will allow the integration of various data and radio devices in one box.

He's been on hiatus lately, attending to family business in Kentucky, but I can't wait to see what new advances come out of the Nomadic Research Labs in the coming months.


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