Cool product - Nite-Ize LED upgrade for Mini MagLite

Like many in the PNW, we were without power all weekend. Like a bad squirrel, I found myself without some things that I really missed (or would have ended up missing shortly). While making a run to the store to address some of those deficiencies, I looked at the very empty flashlight aisle. One of the few items left was the Nite-Ize LED upgrade for Mini MagLites. Now, I have probably a dozen mag lights floating around. I'm on my last set of batteries for my SureFire G2, and for close to the price of a replacement set of batteries (at retail prices), I was able to upgrade one of my MiniMags to clean bright LED goodness (I have lots of AA batteries).


Performance-wise, I was very pleased. The light was a pretty consistent brightness until it stopped completely. It's not as bright as a SureFire, but it was very bright. I put in an almost-dead set of batteries and it carried me through a good 12 hours of solid use. I haven't worn out the fresh set I put in after that, yet.

Target had them for $7.44. I'm not sure how long that's good for, they're usually $9.99. It was about a two minute upgrade and the kit I had came with a tailcap switch as well. An added plus is that you keep the parts you pull out, so you can always switch back if the LED module fails.

If you have lots of mini-mags, I'd strongly recommend getting this upgrade for a couple of them; I can't imagine you'd be disappointed.


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